Donald Trump Jr.: ‘I’d Be in Jail Right Now’ If I Had Hunter Biden’s Business Dealings

Wednesday on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” Donald Trump, Jr. reacted to a U.S. Senate report highlighting potential wrongdoing with Hunter Biden’s business dealings.

Trump, Jr. said if he had business dealings akin to those of Hunter Biden, the son of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, he would “be in jail right now.”

“Sean, it wouldn’t be pretty,” he said to FNC’s Sean Hannity. “I’d be in jail right now. The reality, I took a meeting with someone who had looked at a business deal because, unlike Hunter, we were actually international business people prior to getting into politics. Hunter, it seems, was able to leverage his father’s vice presidency into multi — hundreds of millions of dollars in free fees. But the one that’s more scary to me since, you know, they’re not worried about China at all, according to Joe, it’s not a threat. So, $1.5 billion to Hunter from China, which translates roughly to about $30 million a year in fees in a typical fund model, $30 million a year to Hunter, that’s no big deal, but what about the $3.5 million from the wife of the former mayor of Moscow?”

“Just so you know, the mayor of Moscow, this is like a known person tied to Putin,” Trump continued. “This is not something that’s ambiguous. This is not something that’s up in the air. This is a known direct link to Putin paying Hunter $3.5 million. If that’s not Russia collusion, I don’t know what is. I took a 20-minute meeting, I did 30 hours plus of testimony between the House and the Senate, not because I did anything wrong, but they were hoping that you know what if I misspoke, if, Sean, if I said the meeting happened at 12:01, no, no, it was 12:02, I’d be in jail right now.”

“The fact that they’re not looking into it, the fact that some of these monies are tied to human trafficking and prostitution is absolutely disgusting, and they’re turning a blind eye to this,” Trump added. “If I did one-one hundredth of what Hunter has done and continues to do sitting on the boards of these Chinese companies today, shipping jobs from places like Michigan and Wisconsin, back over to China for the automotive company, et cetera, if I did one-one hundredth of it, Sean, I’d be in jail, and it’d be the biggest news story of the decade. We’d hear about it every day asking Donald Trump to drop out of the race.”

Later in the segment, Trump, Jr. pointed to a broader standard between liberals and conservatives.

“[L]iberals can do whatever they want,” he added. “They don’t have a check and balance. There’s no one in media that’s not a left-wing activist anymore. There’s no pretense, even at this point of objectivity. They can do and say anything. They can create rules that they don’t have to play by. The son of the vice president, the guy that wants to be president from the Democrat side, can be involved with sex trafficking, taking millions from Russian oligarchs with ties to Vladimir Putin, and it’s nothing. But if I take a 20-minute meeting, they want to put me in jail for treason. That’s liberal privilege. That’s what Americans have to see. That is the hatred and the bias that the average American is getting their news from. When a grand jury in an impartial process doesn’t give them the answer they want, they can burn down cities and states, and then they threaten it congressmen and women out there saying, hey, you know what, we should just burn it all down.”

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