CNN’s Lemon: Court-Packing Questions Are ‘Doing the Republicans’ Work’ and Not ‘Legitimate’

On Monday’s “CNN Tonight,” host Don Lemon scolded fellow CNN host Chris Cuomo for asking Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) about court-packing by stating that “it’s not a legitimate question” and Cuomo was “doing the Republicans’ work” by asking it. Lemon also stated the question is a “red herring” but conceded that “there are some Democrats who want to” pack the court.

During the handoff from Cuomo’s show to Lemon’s, Lemon stated, “Why are you like pushing him [Booker] about court-packing? Because you’re doing the Republicans’ work.”

Cuomo responded, “No, I’m not. It’s a legitimate question.”

Lemon countered, “Well, look, it’s not a legitimate question in that, during the debate, the vice president raised the question. The moderator didn’t raise the question. Plus, it is — this is something that — this is a hypothetical. Whether or not — Joe Biden has said twice, at least on tape that I’ve seen, how he feels about court-packing. And I think it’s a distraction from the Republicans –.”

Cuomo then cut in to ask why Biden won’t simply answer the question on court-packing.

Lemon responded, “Because he doesn’t have to.”

Lemon later pointed to Booker’s point that the issue of court-packing is a legislative one, Cuomo pointed out that Booker wouldn’t say whether he supports court-packing.

Lemon responded, “I don’t think he has to answer it. Because I think it is a red herring. Because they don’t want to talk about how Mitch McConnell has packed the court over the years by not allowing –.”

Lemon further stated, “It’s a hypothetical. I’m sure there are some Democrats who want to do it. … It’s never, ever, ever going to happen.”

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