Dem Rep. Moore: ‘Part of This Trumpian Identity’ to Reject Masks

Sunday on MSNBC’s “PoliticsNation,” Rep. Gwen Moore (D-WI) blamed a so-called “Trumpian identity” for the spike in COVID-19 cases in her state.

She tied the phenomenon to a reluctance to wear masks and said she anticipated it will continue with getting the public to “accept the vaccination.”

“Both of us have heard what all the doctors have said, that wearing masks really reduce — dramatically reduce your chances of catching the virus,” she said. “But what we have found in some places unfortunately in Wisconsin, we’ve had hospitals have corona patients in the emergency room who refuse to wear masks and they had to call police to get them to put a mask on. It’s become a cultural thing. It’s part of this Trumpian identity that we’re going to be struggling with for the going forward in all areas. I mean, think about people who don’t want to take this virus seriously because of their political affiliations. It has played out for far too long. It continues to be one of the most dangerous aspects of fighting the virus.”

“So the president has said that he would issue a national mandate and I guess that’s what will have to be. But we might find this going through to the Supreme Court. Look at how they ruled just the other day about synagogues and churches, saying that it was — that it imposed on people’s rights to require them to close. So I’m very concerned that if we can’t regulate your own behavior, that — and do it voluntarily, Reverend, that we’re going to have a very difficult time until — up to and including getting people to accept the vaccination.”

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