Limbaugh on McConnell, Wife Financial Ties to China: Schweizer’s Bombshells Have ‘Not Been Wrong’

Conservative talker Rush Limbaugh said Tuesday on his nationally syndicated radio show that Breitbart News senior contributor Peter Schweizer has “not been wrong” on the bombshells in his reporting while discussing his revelations about Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and his wife Elaine Chao’s financial ties to China.

Partial transcript as follows:

LIMBAUGH: It’s a Peter Schweizer story. Peter Schweizer has written books about the financial corruption of the deep state, financial corruption of people in the Washington establishment.

He had a piece in Breitbart yesterday. The headline: “Mitch McConnell and His Wife Financially Tied to the [ChiCom] Government.” As I said, I was hoping I wouldn’t have to use this. I was hoping I wouldn’t have to go there. But, man, folks they’re making it hard. I told you some Mark McKinnon stories. Let me tell you a little — a brief little — Mitch McConnell story.

After every presidential election where we lost the Senate, where we had minority control of the Senate, Mitch would call, and he was really trying to be helpful. He was attempting to… I’m sure I wasn’t the only person he called. He was calling a lot of people explaining to them how the Senate works and that there was no reason to really panic over having lost the Senate because of one thing.

If he called me once, he must have called me three different times after three different elections where the Republicans had not secured majority control of the Senate. He said, “Look, the bottom line about the U.S. Senate is it takes 60 votes to get anything, and the Democrats don’t have 60 votes,” and then he embarked on an effort to educate me on the filibuster and what the Democrats would do if they triggered it or if they blew it up and didn’t use it, whatever.

But he was attempting to be very helpful. At the same time, he was the engaging in CYA. I mean, they had just failed to win majority control of the Senate, and one of the reasons for his calls was to tell me, “It’s not that bad. They need 60 votes, and they don’t have 60 votes,” and then he would explain to me the purpose, the constitutional purpose of the Senate.

I’ve shared this with you before. He said, “Look, the purpose of the Senate is to cool things down. You know, the House of Representatives, ‘the people’s house,’ that’s where it gets knock-down, drag-out. That’s where there’s all kinds of raised voices and lots of energy. But when what they’re working on at the House, legislation, gets over to the Senate, we’re like a coffee cup saucer, Rush.

“We are where the hot coffee might boil over. It’s collected in the saucer where it cools down, and that’s what we at the Senate do. We provide the slowdown. We provide the cooling off of overheated passions in legislative arguments. We should never pass legislation in the heat of any emotional argument or in the midst of any emotion out of control, and that’s what we in the Senate does.”

So he called two or three times to assure me that, “Doesn’t matter. They don’t have 60 votes.” And he would run through the vote count, and he would tell me the various Republicans he thought would cave and vote with Democrats. And he did it by name. But he would always fall short of 60. He would always tell me, “No reason to worry. Yeah, we didn’t win control but since you need 60 votes up here, they’re not gonna be able to do anything.”

To which I said, “Well, wouldn’t it be better to win? I mean, I realize you didn’t and you want to make the best case for losing you can, but wouldn’t it be better to win majority control? Wouldn’t you have more power? Wouldn’t you have more ability?”

“Yeah, of course. But we didn’t. We lost. So I have to look on the bright side, Rush, and the bright side is that 60 votes, they can’t do anything without it, and they don’t got it.”

Anyway, here is Schweizer’s story. Schweizer on Sunday detailed how Mitch McConnell and his wife, Elaine Chao, are financially tied to the ChiCom Communist Party. “Schweizer said on Fox News Channel’s ‘The Next Revolution,’” that’s with Steve Hilton. He said “that McConnell’s ‘position on China has softened over the years,’ which he argued is due to the growing relationship between the Chinese government and the Chao’s company.”

Schweizer said, “Really, it goes to the fact that Mitch McConnell and Elaine Chao, his wife, are financially tied to the Chinese government.” Now, I have to say that Peter Schweizer has written book after book after book. He’s detailed the Clintons and their financial corruption and their illegal ties to agents of foreign governments, and nobody has challenged him. Nobody has sued him. Nobody has told him to take it down, nobody has accused him of lying. They just ignored it and hoped that it would go away. And the same thing is happening here.

So if you want to know why the establishment, the swamp, the deep state, if you want to know why they say that China Joe and Mitch McConnell will work well together, look no further than renowned investigator Peter Schweizer’s follow-the-money revelations about McConnell and his wife. And, you know, folks, I know both these people. I know Mitch McConnell. I know Elaine Chao. This is why I’ve always said, you never want to get close to these people because you don’t want to make ’em enemies, and you still have to be able to report the truth.

Again, Schweizer has not been wrong on any of his years and years of reporting on the Bidens. I suspect that he’s not wrong on this. Nobody’s even tried to debunk it. Elaine Chao was the first to ditch Trump. According to Schweizer, this is the strategy of the Chinese government across the world. They seek out political elites, they give them commercial deals, and they end up being wedded to the ChiComs. They don’t want to anger the Chinese, the McConnells don’t, because they could destroy their families financially, like the Mafia.

So you don’t want to make the ChiComs mad once they’ve got their hooks into you. So there’s some snark going around that maybe the Chinese told McConnell, “Hey, it’s time to lower the boom on Trump.” So I don’t know if it would even take that. I don’t know how surprised I am that this has happened because I think all of the Washington establishment has made up their minds that they are all-in on destroying as much of Trump and his family as they can.

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