Pelosi: ‘Zero Tolerance’ if Allegations Against Gov. Cuomo ‘Proven to Be True’

Wednesday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) weighed in on the increasing calls for New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) to resign over allegations of sexual harassment and his mishandling of data on nursing home deaths. In a Tuesday interview, President Joe Biden called for Cuomo to step down if the claims of sexual misconduct are substantiated.

Pelosi agreed with Biden, emphasizing on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” there should be “zero tolerance for the behavior” alleged against Cuomo if the allegations are “proven to be true.”

“We have zero tolerance for the behavior that is alleged against the governor,” Pelosi advised. “Again, I think he is a supporter of zero tolerance in terms of sexual harassment. So, it would follow that if you have zero tolerance, then that would, again, be a decision that we hope the … governor would make. It’s heartbreaking. It’s heartbreaking because, again, today, on the floor of the House, although we’re celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, we’re also having the Violence Against Women Act on the floor and the Equal Rights Amendment, A separate legislation on the floor of the House.”

“People have to unlearn some bad behavior in order to learn how we should go forward. And again, if these allegations are proven to be true, then zero tolerance would follow that the governor should not continue,” she concluded.

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