GOP Sen. Kennedy: Democrats’ Extremist Militant Agenda’ Created Border Crisis

During a Thursday interview on FNC’s “Fox & Friends,” Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) blamed President Joe Biden and the Democrats’ “extremist militant agenda” for the crisis at the United Sates’ southern border with Mexico.

According to Kennedy, Biden’s open border policy has resulted in the surge of immigrants at the border. He urged Democrats to reimplement former President Donald Trump’s policies if they want to fix the problem.

“Look, we had 100,000 people stream into our country illegally in February. Annualized, that is 1.2 million people. If that’s not a crisis, it will do until one gets here,” Kennedy outlined. “These folks, we don’t know anything about them. They are now in America, and they are not leaving. Why did this happen? Because President Biden believes in open borders. Biden ran a campaign signaling to the Central American countries and to Mexico that if they could make it to the border, he’d let them in if he won. And then, on day one, he repealed all of the Trump administration practices that had secured the border — the Remain in Mexico program, the Safe Third Country Agreement with the northern triangle countries, the border wall, and he did that intentionally. And then that is when the surge started.”

“Now, he can fix this by just re-implementing the Trump administration proposals, plans, that were working,” he added. “If he doesn’t know to do it, he can call Secretary Chad Wolf. He hasn’t done that. You don’t have to be Mensa material to figure out that either President Biden or the people making the decisions — they believe in open borders. And it is part of their extremist militant agenda, along with, you know, the Green New Deal and … free lattes for everybody.”

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