Steele to GOP on GA Voting Law: Black Voters Are Going to ‘Come Back on You Like a Hammer’

On Thursday, former Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael Steele on MSNBC’s “The Beat” predicted there would be consequences for Republican lawmakers and Gov. Brian Kemp (R-GA) for passing sweeping changes to Georgia’s election laws.

Steele said, “The question to Republicans in Georgia and Arizona and elsewhere, who are taking rights away from Black people in places like Philadelphia, Atlanta, Detroit, how do you think this ends? How do you think this ends? Do you think black folks will just sit by and let you get away with this?”

He continued, “Every last one of your names will go on a ballot. Enjoy your time in office. You will see the power of the vote come back on you like a hammer. Like a hammer for the action you have taken and the bill that was signed into law today. It is antithetical to everything our party has stood for in its history, and it’s antithetical to everything this country has stood for. This is suppression, boldface it. And what are you going to do about it?”

He added, “Watch and see. There are consequences here. Don’t just think people will rollover. You can’t have a drink of water brought to you while you’re standing in a line to vote? By the way, a line created by policies like this when you move good working machines out of the Black neighborhoods and put in bad machines, or you don’t fix the machines that are there.”

He concluded, “It’s just amazing to me that you are so afraid, so afraid to put good candidates and good policy in front of the people of Georgia or the people of this country that you have to resort to this kind of crap.”

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