Sen. Ernst: Biden Won, ‘Our Nation Needs to Heal’ by Working Together

Senator Joni Ernst (R-IA) said Friday on ABC’s “The View” that the questions over the 2020 presidential election were over and that Joe Biden is president.

Co-host Joy Behar said, “Senator, I have another question. The majority of Republicans still cling to the delusion that Donald Trump won the election because of false voter fraud claims. Trump reportedly believes he’ll be reinstated as president by August. Talk about a moron. But in real life, the so-called Arizona audits are a laughing stock. We all know that. He shut down his blog supposedly due to lack of interest. Last week he was upstaged by his pants. Why still hitch your wagon to him, senator? Can he still sway an election? Isn’t it time to drop this guy? He’s a loser. He lost the election. He was impeached twice. He’s a bad guy in terms of helping the Republicans as well as the nation and the world.”

Ernst said, “Joy, let’s just start with this, Joe Biden is president. Okay. I acknowledge that. What we do want to do is make sure that the elections were secure. I do talk about the fact that I was a county commissioner of elections in my book. I started doing local county elections. I truly believe in our election system. You know, if states want to run audits, that’s up to them if they want to do that, just to prove or disprove any thoughts that might exist out there. I, as a subject matter expert, when it comes to local elections, I have not seen any evidence where this election would be overturned. I haven’t been presented with that. So Joe Biden is our president. I think that we are at a point now where our nation needs to heal. We need to come together. We were talking about bipartisan. I think this is the perfect time for us to start working together on the things that Americans believe to be important and find those bipartisan solutions. I think we can all do that. But, again, I haven’t seen anything that would prove a change in presidency.”

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