Dem Sen. Murphy: We Need to Ditch the Filibuster to ‘Save Our Democracy’

Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) said Tuesday on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports” that he supported removing or reforming the filibuster so Democrats could pass legislation in the U.S. Senate with a simple majority vote in order to “save our democracy.”

When asked about Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) opposing removing the filibuster, Murphy said, “We no longer have two parties that are both committed to democracy and extending the vote. In fact, we have one party that spent much of the beginning of this year actively trying to install someone as president who didn’t win the electoral college vote or the popular vote. So when that breakdown occurs, it is the responsibility of the majority party to make sure that our democracy is protected.”

He added, “I understand it’s important for people in my business to be consistent and maintain their positions, but you also have to recognize you when the facts around you have changed. So, you know, we’ll continue to have a really robust debate about the future of Senate rules. I may go down to the Senate floor the next 24, 48 hours and have my say on the question, but it’s really important that we don’t give the minority party in the Senate veto power over reforms to our democracy that will save our democracy.”

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