WaPo’s Robinson: ‘Shame On’ Kelly, Mattis, Tillerson — Silence on Trump’s Incompetence ‘Unpatriotic’

MSNBC political analyst and Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson said Wednesday on “Deadline” that former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, former Secretary of Defense James Mattis, and former White House Chief of Staff and Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly were “unpatriotic” for not speaking out on former President Trump’s unfitness for office.

Anchor Nicolle Wallace said, “This idea people like General Mattis people like H.R. McMaster, Dina Powell,  John Kelly didn’t want to speak out before the election, I think that was wrong, I think that was a waste, but that is in the rear-view mirror. We’re now dealing as a country with extremism in our military, in our law enforcement, in our Congress. What good do you think that group could do by speaking out?”

Robinson said, “Well, shape on all of them. Shame on General Kelly for not speaking out and yes before the election. Shame on General Mattis for not speaking out on the record. Shame on Rex Tillerson. He’s not military. He was Secretary of State. He quoted as referring to the president as a bleeping moron. Why wasn’t he on the record telling America what he knew about Donald Trump and what he knew about being in the room with Donald Trump and how unwise it was to give this man the responsibility and how unthinkable for him to be re-elected? Where were they all? I don’t get it. I don’t understand. I have to hold them responsible and hold them accountable for their silence which is, at this point, unpatriotic. It is absolutely unpatriotic to maintain that silence, and if they think it is the right thing to do for their country, they need to think again. It’s wrong.”

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