Sharon Stone: If You Knowingly Give Someone a Deadly Disease ‘It’s a Felony’ — COVID Is a Deadly Disease

Actress Sharon Stone said Thursday on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360” that if you have a deadly disease and you give it to someone else, it is a felony, and added that COVID-19 “is a deadly disease” when asked about mandatory vaccines.

Cooper said, “As you know, I mean, one of the arguments of the people have about mandatory vaccinations, it’s an infringement on their civil rights. What do you say to that?”

He added, “If you are unvaccinated, you are a threat to everybody’s child who can’t be vaccinated.”

Stone said, “I think we should love ourselves as much as we love our children. If we don’t love ourselves, then our children will not be safe from us. And we have grown to understand this with the very fact that we have to have a Polio vaccine to go to school or to really go anywhere. Polio vaccines are mandated. We learned over the years what we have to do and how to deal with different illnesses differently. You know, if you have a deadly disease and you give it to someone else, it’s a felony. We are starting to know and understand that COVID is a deadly disease.”

She added, “You wouldn’t let a terrorist run through your neighborhood unbridled without doing something about it because you know that terrorist is there to kill people. What we know about viruses versus bacteria is that you can kill a bacteria, but you can’t kill a virus. A virus can kill you, but you can’t kill a virus. This is why we have vaccines against viruses. This is why science developed vaccines against all things that are viruses. We have a special way that we deal with viruses versus bacteria and what we can do about them. So you have to think of a virus as a teeny tiny little microscopic terrorist. are you going to let that run through your neighborhood, your family, your business unbridled?”

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