Kennedy: Biden Eviction Moratorium ‘Unconstitutional,’ ‘Unwise’

Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) on Wednesday sounded off on President Joe Biden’s decision to extend the eviction moratorium amid a recent surge in coronavirus cases.

While speaking with Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” Kennedy described the eviction moratorium as “unconstitutional” and “unwise.”

“I think it is unconstitutional. That’s never stopped the permanent Washington types from doing something. But I do think it’s unconstitutional, and I think it’s unwise,” Kennedy outlined. “I don’t want anybody to have to lose their home but look. It is time that we rejoin the world. And we have spent — we meaning the Congress — about $4.7 trillion helping the American people recover from the coronavirus. Our economy is clearly recovering. In my state, we sent Louisiana $550 million to help people with rental assistance. We’ve only spent $50 [million]. So that tells me there is not a big need there.”

“Our economy is back, and it’s time — now, we still have the virus with us which we can talk about — but it’s time to rejoin our lives, and we can’t give free rent to everybody,” he added after highlighting the improved employment numbers. “If you want free rent, there’s nothing free, Bill. Everything free somebody had to work for.”

Kennedy went on to urge the Supreme Court to strike the extended moratorium down.

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