Eric Adams: We’re Shutting Down Schools in Areas with Large Outbreaks and ‘We’re Going to Continue to’

On Friday’s “CNN Tonight,” New York City Mayor-elect Eric Adams (D) said that “temporarily shutting down the schools” in areas of the city that have large coronavirus outbreaks is “smart, it’s a great way to go, and we’re going to continue to do that.”

Adams said, “We’re looking at those areas where we have large outbreaks. We are temporarily shutting down the schools in those areas. I think it’s smart, it’s a great way to go, and we’re going to continue to do that. This is a moving target. And we need to be clear on that. What we’re looking at today is not what we’re going to be looking at next week. We did not know there was going to be a new variant that was going to be in our city after leaving South Africa. We have to adjust based on what we’re facing. And let’s be clear, this city is great at facing crises and responding to crises, and both crises we’re facing, the economic crises and the COVID crises and I’m going to make the right decisions to ensure that we can continue to thrive as a city. COVID is here, New Yorkers and Americans. We need to learn how do we live with it in a smart way, do smart things to protect the health of New Yorkers, but at the same time, to continue to function as a city.”

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