Tucker Carlson: ‘We Are Not Going to Win a War Against China’

Monday, FNC host Tucker Carlson voiced his skepticism about U.S. military preparedness on the eve of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) scheduled trip to Asia, specifically Taiwan.

According to the FNC host, the Department of Defense focused more on instituting a left-wing agenda than bolstering its ranks.

He argued for that reason, the United States could not win a war against China.

Partial transcript as follows:

CARLSON: Biden has, since the day he took office, politicized and weakened the United States military systematically to the point we are not going to win a war against China. Sorry, that’s true.

General Mark Milley out there telling Congress that soldiers need to learn about White rage because otherwise they’ll be unprepared for combat. Attacking people on the basis of their skin color, right?

Firing Navy SEALs because they won’t get the vaccine, the healthiest people in the world and they’re fired because they won’t get the vaccine and then just to make totally clear what the point is and the point, of course, is humiliation and degradation, the destruction of centuries old military traditions, let’s have drag shows at military bases, which they are now doing.

No one should be surprised that people don’t really want to join a military like that, a woke military. It’s a joke, and the recruitment numbers show it.

This is a crisis. The U.S. military is now signing up, no exaggeration, mentally deficient troops. That’s not hyperbole. The Army used to ban recruits with a history of mental health problems, including self- mutilation because, of course, you wouldn’t. You’re not going to hand people guns if they have a history of mental instability.

But now, DoD is issuing waivers for those recruits because they need them, as well as for recruits with aptitude issues. In other words, with an IQ so low, it would be very difficult to navigate modern war, as well as records of drug use. But all of this, lowering the standards to these points, are still not enough to make recruitment goals.

The Army just told Congress it has to reduce its total force strength by 10,000 next year. By 2023, we will be 21,000 troops short. The Army has just met half of its recruiting goals so far this fiscal year, with only two months left. Why? Two months left. They’re halfway there.

Well, again, because the military under Joe Biden, and no wants to say this because it’s so depressing, the last great meritocracy in the West is no longer a meritocracy. It’s totally politicized, firing soldiers who didn’t take the shot.

More than 60,000 National Guard and Reserve soldiers just lost pay and benefits because they wouldn’t take the shot in the face of a mountain of evidence that the shot actually doesn’t work and can hurt you, particularly if you’re a young man who comprise the overall majority of our troops.

Then the military once again telling White men that they’re privileged and inherently evil. Major General Ed Thomas, the Air Force Recruitment Director, published an op-ed called (and we’re not making this up) “86 percent of Air Force pilots are White men. Here’s why this needs to change.” Really? The thousands of Air Force pilots who died in the service of their country happen to be White men. Their families are now being informed actually, they shouldn’t have been flying anyway because of their race.

So what does the Air Force want to become? Well, at the end of July, the Air Force hosts a Diversity Festival at Langley with a drag show, featuring a performer called Harpy Daniels. Of course, kids are welcome. The Air Force is also paying for a bouncy house and face painting for the children to keep them occupied between all the drag shows.

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