GOP Rep. Meuser: Passing Shorter-Term CR Gives Dems ‘One Last Trillion’ to Spend Before They Lose Majority

On Monday’s broadcast of Newsmax TV’s “American Agenda,” Rep. Dan Meuser (R-PA) said that Republicans shouldn’t and he won’t vote for government funding unless it has improvements to border security. He also called for any continuing resolution to be extended through January, not December, because government funding that expires in December would give a Democratic majority in Congress the opportunity in the lame duck session to have a “last hurrah” to spend more money before Republicans likely take control of the House in January.

Meuser stated, “We want border security. I think all of America, just about, except for the woke few, want to see a limit on the thousands of illegals and tons of drugs that are entering our country. And so, we do have the power of the purse in Congress, and we want some funding, but more importantly, protection at our southern border. So, I agree with Leader McCarthy. We must see that. Enough is enough. I am certainly not going to vote for an easy pass for this if we don’t see some improvement to the border. And on top of that, why should we? I mean, here, we’re most likely going to win this majority. I’m also looking to see it be extended through January, right? We’re not in the business of extending it through December and what, just giving them their last hurrah, one last trillion dollars to — of taxpayer money to waste?”

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