JCN’s Ortiz: Consumers, Small Businesses Hurting from Inflation

Alfredo Ortiz, the president and CEO of Job Creators Network, said Saturday on “Fox News Live” that consumers and small businesses were hurting from inflation.

Ortiz said, “When you think about what’s happened over the past two years, inflation is actually still up 15%, and in some cases, like food prices, we’re up 20%, so, yes, the rate of increase has come down, but we’re still in a position where consumers are hurting, and small businesses are worrying about access to credit because the federal reserve has increased the interest rates over the past year by over five points.”

He added, “The reason we’re in the position we’re in is because of the fateful day one of the Biden administration to attack our energy production. He disrupted the global energy market by doing so, and that’s the root cause of where we started getting the inflation from. And so, frankly, an easy way to start addressing this, outside of just increasing interest rates by the Federal Reserve, is really to start drilling domestically and get our energy production back to the point where we’re a net exporter. That’s one of the biggest ways that we can fix this issue.”

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