Marlow: Antisemitism on Campus a Direct Result of Teaching Snowflakes that Debate Is ‘Violence’

On Monday’s edition of Outkick’s “Tomi Lahren is Fearless” podcast, Breitbart Editor-in-Chief and New York Times bestselling Breaking Biden author Alex Marlow stated that the uptick in antisemitism, including the attack on a New York City teacher for attending a pro-Israel rally is the result of telling students that opposing viewpoints are violence “because that justifies their violence in retaliation.”

Marlow stated [relevant remarks begin around 5:15] that the New York incident was especially ridiculous since the teacher didn’t do anything in the classroom and was attacked over something she did outside of the class and “students should not be allowed or even encouraged to riot against a teacher for her viewpoints off of campus. It’s none of their business. If you want to go through school and only have people who agree with you, first of all, that’s impossible. And second of all, why would we send people to school with that expectation, that you’re only going to get the exact viewpoint that you hold if you’re a student? It is the coddling of snowflakes, that’s the result of this. Left-wing students being told that any sort of a viewpoint that’s not their own is violence is why we have this, because that justifies their violence in retaliation.”

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