Crime Pandemic: Murders Pass Coronavirus Deaths in Nations Capitol, Nearly 3-1 Ratio

DC Mayor Muriel Browser speaks during a public safety briefing at the Marion S. Barry, Jr., Building in Washington, DC, on July 28, 2021. - The US capital is experiencing a wave of crime and gun violence, that took the life of a 6-year-old girl on July 16. Bowser described …

America’s crime pandemic has led to murders surpassing coronavirus deaths in Washington, DC, by nearly a three-to-one ratio in July.

“There were 21 homicides throughout the month compared to eight coronavirus deaths” in the city, according to Fox News.

Councilman of Ward 8 Trayon White told Fox5 DC, “We’ve put a lot of resources and time into the COVID pandemic.

“We’re in a pandemic right now when it comes to crime in this community and we got to start acting it,” he stated.

From July 30, there were 114 homicides in Washington, DC, since January 1, which surpasses the data from last year, when Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA violent riots struck the city.

The crime pandemic comes as Washington, DC’s, Mayor Muriel Bowser (D) implemented Saturday a masking mandate in which there was a 0.43 14-day average coronavirus death rate in the city, according to Google’s coronavirus tracker on July 31.

The same day Bowser burdened residents and business with the mask mandate, she was seen attending a wedding, not wearing “a mask despite not actively eating or drinking.”


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