Promises Kept: Trump Economy on Track to Create 25 Million Jobs Over 10 Years

Donald Trump first speech to Congress (Jim Lo Scalzo / AFP / Getty)
Jim Lo Scalzo / AFP / Getty

Back in 2016 when Donald Trump declared in a speech at the New York Economic Club that his economic plan would create 25 million new jobs over the next decade, many economists scoffed.

After years of economic expansion, even a sluggish one, the idea that the economy could add the 208,000 jobs each month needed to hit that goal struck many as far-fetched. Many thought we would be lucky if job creation kept up with population growth, creating around 90,000 jobs per month.

But the economy is outperforming expectations–and helping President Trump fulfill his job promise.

The economy created an average of 223,000 per month in 2018. And with January’s mammoth 304,000 non-farm payroll gain, the three-month moving average hit 241,000 jobs.

During the nearly two years of the Trump presidency, the economy has added just under around 5 million jobs. That puts Trump 0n pace to hit the promised 25 million in 10 years.


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