Violent Movie Peddler Calls for Violent Movie Summit

Violent Movie Peddler Calls for Violent Movie Summit

Harvey Weinstein knows a thing or two about film violence.

His name is attached to some of the biggest offenders in screen history, from the “Kill Bill” series to the recent “Halloween” remake and “Piranha.”

Now, Weinstein is calling for a filmmaker’s summit to discuss the impact movie violence has on society. 

“I think as filmmakers we should sit down — the Marty Scoreseses, the Quentin Tarantinos, and hopefully all of us who deal in violence in movies — and discuss our role in that,” Weinstein said.

Naturally, Weinstein blamed lack of gun control laws for the violence that rocked Aurora, Colo. last week, ignoring the fact that guns aren’t permitted in the theater where the massacre took place.

Weinstein’s gesture is a typically liberal response, call it Feel Goodism 101. Does anyone think the likes of Tarantino or Scorsese are going to change their ways based on this horrific incident?

Of course not.

Scorsese’s “Taxi Driver” influenced the mentally unstable John Hinckley, the man who shot President Ronald Reagan. Did the director throw in the towel on violent movies as a result? Just rent “The Departed” or “Gangs of New York” for a quick and brutal answer.

This is all just posturing, a chance to keep the heat off Hollywood and insulate filmmakers from future finger pointing.

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