Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert Join MSM in Marco Rubio Attacks

Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert Join MSM in Marco Rubio Attacks

The Mainstream Media wasted little time in attacking Sen. Marco Rubio following the Florida politician’s State of the Union rebuttal. After all, Rubio did drink water during the speech.

Heck, that water break could cost him his career.

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, Comedy Central’s clown princes, did the same this week.

While Colbert concentrated on exaggerated water quaffing, Stewart made sure to also single out Rubio for his ethnicity.

Sure, Rubio is an accomplished fellow, but the GOP is using him because he’s a Latino, Stewart said. To the Left, the GOP is an old, white party. Yet when the party opens it arms to young, vibrant people of color like Rubio, well, then they’re pandering to the nation.

“Oh, I’m sorry — is that cynical? You don’t think the Republican Party would pander to Hispanics that way?” he said on Wednesday’s “Daily Show.”

We’ll probably see more water gags on Saturday Night Live, the same show which ignored Sen. Chuck Hagel’s disastrous performance on the Hill, this weekend.

Make no mistake. The MSM and liberal comedians alike are very, very afraid of Rubio, and they’re already looking ahead to the 2016 presidential campaign. No better time than the present to start damaging the Rubio brand, and what a wonderful distraction from the Obama “recovery.”


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