Cher Sued by Back-Up Dancers for Alleged 'Racial Discrimination'

Cher Sued by Back-Up Dancers for Alleged 'Racial Discrimination'

According to a lawsuit filing obtained by TMZ, Cher is being sued for “racial discrimination and retaliation” by two of her former dancers and choreographer.

Choreographer Kevin Wilson claimed in the statement that during auditions for the 2014 Dressed to Kill tour, he expressed interest in a particular minority female dancer to Cher, to which she responded, “We have too much color on stage.”

Wilson wrote that he was instructed to wrangle a “white, blonde dancer” instead, and that Cher advised him to shy away from casting “dark skinned black dancers” for the remainder of the tour.

Furthermore, the suit claims that Cher is covering up a sexual assault that was carried out by another one of her dancers during a Louisville show this past June. 

The pop star reportedly fired the “whistle blowers,” Wilson included, but kept the alleged assault suspect. The plaintiffs said they were fired because of budget cuts, but the tour apparently grossed $54.9 million.

Wilson, who is black himself, said that he was racially discriminated against by Cher.

A rep for the Goddess of Pop told TMZ that the allegations are ridiculous and that “They couldn’t be further from the truth.” Her lawyer also weighed in on the “absurd” alleged racial slur, calling it “untrue and categorically denied.”


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