Animal Rights Activists at Kim Kardashian Selfie Book Signing: ‘Your Fur Had a Face!’


A Kim Kardashian New York City book signing was crashed Tuesday by roughly ten animal rights activists, who confronted the reality TV star about her fondness for fur.

The 34-year-old Selfish author was signing copies of her newly released book, which is filled mostly with photos Kardashian has taken of herself, when a group of anti-fur activists confronted her with posters and began shouting.

“I just want to say, you’re the most disgusting human being on this planet. Shame on you for supporting the fur industry!” a man screamed at the celebrity after she greeted him with a smile.

He then began chanting, “Your fur had a face.”

After the activist was quickly escorted out, the next person in line followed up, albeit more calmly, telling Kim: “It’s wrong to wear fur, you need to stop wearing fur. It’s horrible, you’re a terrible person.”

Another man followed behind to have his copy of the book signed, and asked, “Can you make it out to all the animals that have been tortured and killed for you to wear a fur?”

Kardashian kept her cool, and greeted the angry group with smiles, and opted to look away from all the chaos.

Video of the incident was uploaded to YouTube on Tuesday.

Watch below:


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