Gearbox’s Sci-Fi First-Person Shooter ‘Battleborn’ to Debut at E3

Gearbox Software/2K Games
Gearbox Software/2K Games

New first-person shooter Battleborn, developed by Gearbox Software, the creators of the Borderlands and Brothers in Arms serieswill be at E3. Battleborn will be released on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One this winter.

Battleborn features singleplayer gameplay as well as both co-op and competitive multiplayer. Splitscreen is a feature for local play, while online multiplayer can accommodate 10 players. Gamers will have access to 25 unique characters to choose from. The story revolves around efforts “to save the last star in the universe from a mysterious evil hell bent [sic] on its destruction.”

The game offers three competitive multiplayer modes. Gamers must protect their own base while demolishing the enemy base in Incursion. Devastation features a tug-of-war element that makes players fight to hold landmarks. In Meltdown, players must protect minions and earn points when minions destroy themselves in an incinerator.

Battleborn also has a “Persistent Progression System,” in which experience points boost a player’s Character Rank and Command Rank. While the former rank lets players switch boosts and get new skins, increasing the latter rank grants gamers badges, titles, and loot.

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