Bundled Cable Deathwatch: ESPN To Cut 350 Jobs


According to Bloomberg, the increasingly left-wing ESPN sports network has been forced to cut 350 jobs due directly to subscriber losses, which is also known as cord cutting. Early estimates were between 200 and 300 job cuts after parent company Disney ordered ESPN to cut $100 million from its 2016 budget.

In just over a year, as customers cut their cable cords and move to streaming television services like Netflix, as of August, ESPN had lost a whopping 3.2 million subscribers.

Whether the cable subscriber watches ESPN or not, the network makes $6 for each household that carries ESPN on its cable package. The 3.2 million who bolted were probably not sports fans. They likely left for the same reason most cord-cutters flee: cable television is obnoxiously expensive and forces you to pay for dozens of channels (like ESPN) you never watch.

ESPN is in close to 100 million homes. Nevertheless, a loss of 3.2 million subscribers is still a loss of close to $250 million per year.

Despite early predictions only fools believed, cord cutting dramatically escalated in 2015. Lets’ hope that trend continues.

The scam of bundled cable is the foundation of left-wing Hollywood’s money and cultural power. Were Hollywood not able to force people to pay for networks they never watch, low-rated, left-wing outlets like CNN, MSNBC, Comedy Central. and MTV would not be able to stay on the air.

Cut the cord America.

For America.


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