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America Fights Back: 1 Million Cord-Cutters Freak Out Cable Industry

The only way patriotic Americans can forever destroy the likes of CNN, MSNBC, ESPN, and a whole herd of left-wing entertainment corporations is to cut the cord, meaning cancel your cable or satellite package. Thankfully, that message appears to be gaining steam; last quarter, a whopping one million patriots cut the cable cord.

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America Fights Back: Record Number of Patriotic Cord-Cutters Tumble TV Stocks

There is only one way — one! — to finally and forever destroy Hollywood and much of the mainstream media. You have to cut your cable or satellite cord. You have to cancel your pay TV package. The one-legged stool propping up ESPN, CNN, MSNBC, Disney, MTV, and the entire Tinseltown crime syndicate is you paying for cable TV.

Wolf Blitzer, left, and Jake Tapper of CNN pose together at the CNN Worldwide All-Star Party, on Friday, Jan. 10, 2014, in Pasadena, Calif. (Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP)

Nolte: Want to Destroy ESPN and CNN Forever? Cut the Cord, Dummy

Almost all of the cultural and political power possessed by Hollywood and the mainstream media is held up by a one-legged stool, a single leg that gets shakier by the month — this increasingly fragile appendage we call the Pay TV Package. Going forward, for reference purposes, the Pay TV Package is your cable or satellite bundle, which brings with it hundreds of channels and a monthly bill that dings you for $1000 to $1500 a year.


Charter Communications Sheds 100,000 TV Subscribers in Q1

Charter Communications, the second largest cable provider in America, posted mixed results in its first-quarter earnings report Tuesday, reporting an increase in income and revenue as the company lost more pay TV subscribers than expected.

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Disney Has a Magic Kingdom of Reasons to Buy Twitter

Disney has significant advantages over other bidders to acquire Twitter. First, Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey serves on Disney’s Board of Directors. But the biggest advantage is that Disney owns a 33 percent stake in BAMTech, the tech spinout from Major League Baseball that owns the app powering Twitter’s streaming of NFL games on the web.

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Rich Get Richer: Merry Christmas! Your Cable Bill Is About to Go Up!

The arrogance of the elite left-wingers who run the world’s multi-national entertainment companies knows no bounds. Even though the economy has stalled out with just 2% growth, even though middle class wages have stagnated for more than a decade, even


Why CNN Is Dying: Paris Bloodbath Used to Push Gun Control

CNN is collapsing. After a bit of a resurgence under chief Jeff Zucker, the left-wing cable news network’s ratings are falling back to earth. After a year of trumpeting ratings wins over third-place MSNBC (while still getting beat like a


Bundled Cable Deathwatch: ESPN To Cut 350 Jobs

According to Bloomberg, the increasingly left-wing ESPN sports network has been forced to cut 350 jobs due directly to subscriber losses, which is also known as cord cutting. Early estimates were between 200 and 300 job cuts after parent company


Revealed: How To Destroy CNN & MSNBC With Just One Phone Call

Are you tired of the left-wing sludge Hollywood, CNN, and MSNBC pour into your country, your lives, and your homes? Do you want to do your bit for God and country to cripple Hollywood and completely destroy CNN and MSNBC?


Bundled Cable Death Watch: Q2 Cord-Cutting Soars to 566,000

The largest swindle big business ever played on the American people — forcing us to pay huge cable bills for dozens of channels we never watch — is slowly coming apart. Even with an ever-increasing population, the pay TV industry


Reckoning: Reality of Cord Cutting Drops Media Stocks

The news that cord-cutting is a much bigger problem than had previously been known or reported (except here at Breitbart News, where we have been covering this for years and not falling for the spin), roiled media stocks on Wednesday:

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Bundled Cable Deathwatch: Sony Promises A La Carte Channels

In an announcement Tuesday, Sony claims that starting next month, through its Playstation Vue streaming service, the company will offer a la carte subscriptions to whatever individual channels customers choose to pay for. For now, this service is only available

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Bundled Cable Deathwatch: Showtime, NFL Ready to Stream

Showtime officially announced Wednesday that it will now offer its network in streaming form. The big news is that you no longer have to purchase a bundled cable package in order to subscribe to Showtime. The cost is $10.99 per

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Cord-Cutting and Cable-Bill-Cutting Are All the Rage

The Wall Street Journal recently published a strange piece called “Why Cable TV Beats the Internet, For Now.” Despite pay-TV losing 1.4 million customers last year, it seems the WSJ is device-challenged and unwilling to embrace the obvious future dominance of Internet streaming media. And the war to discount your cost for pay-TV is heating up.