Seth Rogen’s AMC Series ‘Preacher’ Features Nazi Wearing MAGA Hat


The Seth Rogen-produced AMC series Preacher went out on a political note by dressing a character in a Nazi uniform wearing one of President Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” caps in the season finale.

Preacher is nothing if not blasphemous and profane as an adaptation of the independent comic book of the same name. In the series finale, a bus headed to Hell (the real Hell, not the city in Michigan) was waylaid by a group of armed Nazis and their tank. The group intended to release Adolph Hitler who was on the bus being returned to Hades after mistakenly being allowed to escape at the end of the series’ first season.
Hitler had escaped Hell and took a job as a sandwich shop worker. But he had also started working toward re-igniting his Reich, naturally, so the angel of death grabbed him up and put him on a bus back to Hell. During the trip, Hitler’s new Nazi pals acted to free their leader.

In the scene, a tank emblazoned with Nazi symbols sat across the path of the bus. The angel of death and another hellish character stood outside the bus observing the tank. A Nazi jumped out of the tank and demanded that they release Hitler. As he made his demand, his small troop of Nazis emerged from behind the tank and cocked their firearms menacingly.

But as the camera panned across the Nazi troopers, one is seen wearing a bright red MAGA hat. The apparent message from Preacher is that President Trump’s supporters are all Nazis.

The series has featured one profane theme after another over the last two seasons. God has been portrayed as a negligent god who has left heaven to wear a dog suit and be beaten in a sick sex game. He is also called a “dick” and a “dickwad” by one of the lead characters. Another character that has been bald throughout the series received a long scar across the top of his head and is constantly referred to as a penis. That same bald character was raped by a crew of men, but he is portrayed as having enjoyed it. And religion has been constantly ridiculed throughout the show’s run.

Everything about the series has been over the top, certainly. After all, one of its characters is called “Arseface” and has a mouth that looks like an anus due to a failed suicide attempt. But it has mostly steered clear of politics.

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