Actor Michael Rapaport: Trump Lost Because He’s a ‘C**ksucker’ and a ‘Miserable Piece of S**t’

Twitter / @MichaelRapaport

Actor Michael Rapaport took to Twitter to express his delight after the media declared the election for Democratic nominee Joe Biden, and attacked President Donald Trump, saying he lost the election because he’s a “cocksucker” and a “miserable piece of shit.”

“You lost, you fucking lost, and I’m going to tell you why you lost,” Rapaport said in a video filmed from his car, the Atypical star celebrating projections from media outlets including Fox News, CNN, and the AP declaring Biden the winner. “Your stupid wife, your dumb fucking daughters, your two fucking sons… I’m going to tell you why you lost. You lost because you’re a cocksucker. You’re a cocksucker. You’re a lying, conniving, deceitful, cocksucker!”

“You made people that never would have voted for Democrats vote against you, cus you’re a cocksucker, you’re a miserable piece of shit. And now we’ve got a good guy, he’s not perfect and I don’t give a fuck if he stutters, forgets things, makes mistakes, I’d rather have a guy stuttering and makes mistakes than a guy who blatantly makes shit up.”

***Language warning***

The 50-year-old New Yorker added that the White House will need to be “fumigated” when Trump leaves.

“Get the fuck out of the White House, you can play golf, you can cheat at golf, play golf every fucking day, start a cable access channel,” he continued. “But get the fuck out of the White House. We’re going to have to fumigate it when you leave. We’re going to have to disinfect the entire fucking place, nobody, do not go in there until they fumigate the entire fucking building inch by inch. Get the fuck out! You lost.”

Over the past four years, Rapaport has become notorious for his unhinged rants against President Trump and his family, once describing the president and his wife as a “hooker and a con man.”

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