Majority of US House Members Pen Letter Demanding Obama Oppose UN Action Against Israel

Peter Macdiarmid - WPA Pool /Getty Images

The Times of Israel reports:

An overwhelming majority of the US House of Representatives signed a letter urging President Barack Obama to reject any actions by the United Nations that are biased against Israel.

The letter undersigned by 394 House Republicans and Democrats — more than 90 percent of the 435 representatives — was sent to Obama Thursday amid reports that the Palestinian Authority might revive a draft resolution against Israel’s policies in the West Bank, similar to the one vetoed in 2011 at the Security Council by the United States.

Rival pro-Israel groups praised the letter, with the older lobby, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, emphasizing the letter’s placing much of the burden of returning to negotiations on Palestinians, and J Street, a liberal group, noting that the letter does not appear to preclude US-led bids to revive the talks.

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