Israeli Teens Volunteer to Aid 91-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor After Burglary

Men react during a visit to the Babi Yar menorah monument in Kiev on September 23, 2016. Ukraine will mark the 75th anniversary next week of the September 1941 mass executions at Babi Yar, in Kiev, of Jews by the Nazis during WWII. Some 34,000 Jews were murdered over two …

The Algemeiner reports: A group of young Israelis in the northern city of Acre rallied to the aid of a 92-year-old Holocaust survivor whose home was recently burgled while he was on vacation, the Hebrew news site nrg reported on Monday.

Late last week, Limor Ozen — the head of a community center in Acre — received a phone call from Michael, who had just returned from a Rosh Hashanah trip to France and found his apartment ransacked.

The robbers had removed all the food from Michael’s refrigerator and freezer and the rotting remnants had attracted worms and produced a “terrible odor,” Limor said.

In a Facebook post, Limor wrote that she and her husband “could never have imagined that scum could carry out such cruel destruction.”

Limor told nrg that the scale of the damage to the apartment prompted her to decide to help out immediately. Via Whatsapp, she was able to get 17 teens from the city to come and assist Michael clean up his home.

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