Report: Hollywood's $100 Million Corporate Welfare Not Trickling Down

Report: Hollywood's $100 Million Corporate Welfare Not Trickling Down

The Sacramento Bee reports that the $100 million in taxpayer-funded corporate welfare Hollywood benefits from every year isn’t doing anything to keep productions in California or even stem the loss of production jobs.

A new report from the nonpartisan Legislative Analyst’s Office shows that of the “41 feature-length films made in 2012-13, only two were made in California and nine used California as a secondary location.” Moreover, 10 years ago there were 123,000 film and television production jobs based in California. Now there are only  107,400.

So who exactly is benefitting from this $100 million annual windfall in taxpayer-funded corporate welfare?

The Hollywood worker bees, the hoi polloi, Joe and Jane Lunch-bucket sure aren’t. Over 15,000 of them have lost jobs. And with only 2 feature films shooting in California per year, local businesses sure aren’t benefitting from the food eaten and hotel rooms rented by productions.

My guess, and this is just me, is that the Hollywood rich and fat are getting a whole lot rich and fatter off this corporate welfare.

How’s Harvey Weinstein doing? His house big enough? He eating okay?

Just keep voting for Democrats, naives.


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