Lieu Campaign Launches First TV Ad, Slams NSA

Lieu Campaign Launches First TV Ad, Slams NSA

Democratic CA-33 House hopeful Ted Lieu released his campaign’s first television advertisement on Monday, highlighting his military experience in the Air Force and vowing to “stop the National Security Agency from violating our privacy.”

Lieu touted his anti-NSA credentials in the ad, saying he “authored bi-partisan legislation to stop our state government from cooperating with the NSA’s spying on Americans.” 

The ad concludes: “Strong National Security: Yes. Spying on Americans: No.”

Lieu’s first TV ad comes almost a week after fellow Democratic contender Wendy Greuel’s ad, which vowed to “stand up to the Tea Party,” and almost three weeks after Democrats Matt Miller and David Kanuth’s ads first appeared on TV. 

Republican challenger Elan Carr’s ad, “Doing What’s Right,” has been on TV since April 22nd.