Man Crashes Car, Runs Naked Down 101 Highway, Tasered Twice by CHP

Man Crashes Car, Runs Naked Down 101 Highway, Tasered Twice by CHP

Deep in the heart of Petaluma, the California Highway Patrol twice tasered a naked man alleged to be high on drugs running down the middle of the 101 freeway.

The incident occurred on Sunday around 9 a.m. after 25-year-old Alexander Leonard of Hawthorne was spotted driving erratically and then crashed his pickup truck into a guardrail near East Washington Street, reported SFGate. CHP Sgt. Ross Ingels said that Leonard was observed by an officer who arrived at the scene taking his clothes off and then running down the highway.

The officer ordered Leonard to stop running, but according to authorities he did not heed the order. Ingles said that the officer then jolted the fleeing Leonard with a taser, but it didn’t stop him, so he hit him with it again. Finally apprehending the suspect, the officer administered a field sobriety test and alleged that Leonard was under the influence of drugs. At this point, a toxicology report has yet to be issued. 

SFGate reported that Leonard was booked in the Sonoma County Jail for allegedly resisting arrest and driving under the influence of drugs; both are misdemeanors. Leonard sustained minor injuries during the occurrence.


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