Report: L.A. Mayor's Mansion Uses 5x More Water than Average

Report: L.A. Mayor's Mansion Uses 5x More Water than Average

Getty House, the Los Angeles mayoral mansion currently occupied by Mayor Eric Garcetti, uses approximately 2,100 gallons of water a day, five times the average amount of water used by other Los Angeles households.

According to CBS Los Angeles, the average household in Los Angeles uses 390 gallons of water a day. Mayor Garcetti has reportedly attempted to make the lawn outside the mayor’s mansion less water-dependent, including putting in drought-resistant grass and an upgraded sprinkler system. 

Yet the residence still uses 5.4 times the amount of comparable houses.

The report calls into question the mayor’s own water conservation initiative “#Droughthack,” aimed at cutting the average household water usage in L.A. 20 percent by 2017. Garcetti signed an executive order in October with the goal of decreasing the amount of imported water used by the city and creating an “integrated water strategy” to increase water security.

The mayor is hardly the first public official in California to ignore his own calls for water conservation. An October report from the Center for Investigative Reporting found that at least 26 public officials statewide used more than double the amount of water used by the average household.


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