Jordanian Daily: U.S. Used Lethal Gas To Melt Bodies, Airplanes In 9/11 Attacks

twin towers 9/11 attack
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TEL AVIV – The U.S. used a neoteric gas that melts human flesh and steel in the 9/11 attacks and during the 2003 Iraq War, an article published in the Jordanian daily Al-Dustour claims.

Jordanian lawyer Sufian Al-Shawa, the author of the conspiracy article published last month and translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), further claimed that the U.S. supplied the gas to Israel, which used it against “the defenseless Palestinian people in the heroic” Jenin refugee camp.

The devastating gas, Al-Shawa said, explains the disappearance of parts of the aircraft that struck the World Trade Center as well as the disappearance of the bodies of Iraqi fighters and 3,000 Palestinian fighters in Jenin.

According to Al-Shawa, the “cowboy genes” of American scientists are behind the development of “a new devastating gas that can melt humans, steel, rocks, and basically anything.”

Al-Shawa asks how it was possible that firefighters did not find any trace of either the passengers or the fuselages belonging to the planes that hit the World Trade Center in New York on September 11, 2001. The U.S., writes Al-Shawa, “knows the answer, but has not revealed it, and it has remained one of its military secrets.”

Regarding the 9/11 attacks, he claims:

“The world began to hear about this gas after the collapse of the famous [Twin] Towers in New York on September 11, 2001 – a crime that Arabs were accused of committing… The whole world saw small passenger jets that were simultaneously hijacked from a number of U.S. airports hit the tall towers in New York and the Pentagon in Washington. But firefighters did not find the fuselages of the planes that had hit the towers. They also did not find any trace of the passengers on these jets. The question asked was, where are the fuselages of the planes? The planes and the bodies of the pilots were never recovered. So where did they go? The truth is that the U.S. knows the answer, but has not revealed it, and it has remained one of its military secrets.”

Al-Shawa then launches into a lengthy analysis of the events that occurred during a raid on Baghdad Airport on April 3, 2003. The U.S. struck the airport with “tactical nukes that melted the bodies of Iraqi soldiers and their tanks, leaving nothing but their spines.”

Iraqi Republican Guard Commander Seif Al-Din Al-Tikriti subsequently ordered his troops to withdraw out of fear that the American bombs would melt them. Al-Shawa cites Al-Tikriti as saying, “The U.S. fights us using a devastating weapon that has never been heard of in [the history of] war, which is a gas that melts people, rocks, and iron.”

Israel, Al-Shawa writes, acquired the gas from the U.S. via “its dirty alliance.” He then proceeds by claiming that IDF soldiers used the gas in clashes with Palestinians in the Jenin refugee camp in the West Bank. The account that follows is riddled with outlandish mistakes and lies.

First, Al-Shawa writes that the battle of Jenin occurred after the Second Intifada broke out in 1999. In fact, the Second Intifada began two years later and the IDF entered Jenin during Operation Defensive Shield on April 3, 2002.

But Al-Shawa’s most scandalous lie was that a “despicable massacre” occurred in which 3,000 “defenseless Palestinians” armed with their “bare chests” were slaughtered.

Many reports in the international media emerged around the time of the incursion with the Palestinian claim that hundreds of civilians had been killed in their homes. Subsequent investigations by both Palestinian and Israeli officials revealed that between 52 and 54 Palestinians – mostly gunmen – and 23 IDF soldiers were killed.

However, Al-Shawa attributes the huge discrepancy in numbers to the use of “a poison gas that melts martyr’s bodies.”

When these forces entered the camp, the horrible massacre began. The Israeli army pursued these young people and killed them on sight. The attack ended after the massacre. Israel killed 3,000 young Palestinians, but astonishingly, the dead bodies were never recovered. There were 3,000 armed young men, all of whom were killed by Israel, but where are the martyrs’ bodies? Especially [in light of the fact] that ambulances were prevented from reaching the injured, until they had bled out and died as martyrs. This is the morality of Jewish racism.

The truth later leaked, he claims, which is that Israel used a poison gas that melts martyrs’ bodies. The bodies crumbled to ash and melted under the rubble.

Al-Shawa writes that the gas was first used on October 4, 1992, when an El Al airplane en route from New York to Tel Aviv crashed in Amsterdam due to a mechanical failure, “killing 250 Dutch civilians.” (The author is referring to El Al Flight 1862, which crashed in the Bijlmermeer neighborhood of Amsterdam, killing 43 people, most of them on the ground.)

Al Shawa writes that “strangely, the Dutch police and firefighters could not recover the fuselage or the bodies of the passengers. It became clear that the plane was carrying poison gas that melted the fuselage and the bodies of the passengers, and there was a spate of cancers in that area.”

Al Shawa concludes by emphasizing “the determination of the U.S. and its protégé, Israel, to terrorize and destroy the world. These are the fangs of Satan, the fangs of the new vampire Dracula.”


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