WATCH: Al Jazeera Cuts Interview in Gaza with Man Who Turns on Qatar and Turkey

al jazeera

A reporter with the Qatari state-owned Arabic-language news television network Al Jazeera abruptly cut short an interview with a man in Gaza as it quickly became apparent the subject was in no mood to repeat the accepted local trope of blaming Israel for everything.

The two met on Saturday and the Al Jazeera reporter asked his subject for his take on events.

The subject talks of a massive massacre of children and the humanitarian crisis unfolding across the Gaza Strip.

Then as the man is urged to expand on his narrative, he said: “May Allah settle the score with Qatar and Turkey…”

The correspondent reacted to this by taking the microphone away from him and pushing the man away.

The man can be seen asking to continue the interview, while the reporter speaks into the microphone.

WATCH as the Al Jazeera interview goes wildly off course:

Al Jazeera has been a known propagator of any anti-Israel terror claims in the past.

As Breitbart News reported, in 2021 the Palestinian Islamic terror group presented an award to Al- Jazeera in 2021 claiming the network possessed “high professionalism” for defending Palestinian positions during the conflict between Israel and Hamas that saw over 4,000 rockets indiscriminately fired by the Gaza terror group at Israeli population centers.

The award, a certificate of appreciation presented by Hamas deputy chairman Khalil al-Hayya in a paid visit to Gaza’s current Al-Jazeera bureau, honored the network’s “affiliation” with and support of the Palestinians and their cause, according to Hamas’ own website.

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