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Lt. Col. Robert Schaefer: Who Better To Defuse A Bomb Than A Bomber?


Lt. Col. Robert Schaefer of the U.S. Army’s Central Command spends two segments with Frank on Secure Freedom Radio, to bring to light the insurgency in the Caucasus’s and Russia’s failure at countering such a threat from the Jihadist movement. Lt. Col. Schaefer explains this very topic in his new book “The Insurgency in Chechnya and the North Caucasus: From Gazavat to Jihad.” He explains how this threat is getting little play in the media because the Russian government has done a good job of silencing this movement and claiming it is simple acts of terrorism as opposed to an insurgency against Russian oppression. America can use the events in the Caucuses’ when fighting our own opponents. Lt. Col. Schaefer elaborates by saying that if we listen to our opponents, and not just have an egocentric approach of talking them and hoping they see our side of things or opening economic ties and showing we are nice people, but actually listening and finding the individuals who are not the ideologues then we can start to defeat them. Organizations such as the Caucasus Emirate are made up various groups of people, some of whom are fighting just for money and power and those are the ones that can be influenced if we just listen to them and figure out that they are not motivated by ideology.

You can catch Lt. Col. Schaefer’s interview with Frank in it’s entirety here and at Secure Freedom Radio.

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