Questions Remain in Libya Ambassador's Murder

Questions Remain in Libya Ambassador's Murder

The murder of Ambassador Christopher Stevens has raised questions as to why he was in Benghazi to begin with and who in the Libyan government knew he was there.

Stevens’ home base was not in Benghazi, but Tripoli. What was he doing in a local consular office on 9/11? 

Did he go there of his own volition, or was he asked to be there for some specific purpose? These are significant questions because Stevens is dead, and Americans deserve to know what led to that death or what brought him to a place of danger to begin with.

Moreover, we deserve to know how many people within the Libyan government knew Stevens’ general whereabouts and, of those people, how many knew specific details.

On a day when intelligence reports (and common sense) indicated protests and more against the United States, Ambassador Stevens was somewhere other than the safety of his home base. 

Perhaps Mr. Obama or Sec. Clinton can tell us why — if journalists in the press corps surrounding them suddenly develop the same intellectual curiosity they showed grilling candidate Mitt Romney about his stance on these events.


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