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Obama and Iran's Uranium

Obama and Iran's Uranium

It seems as if the Obama Administration’s animus toward Israel and its plans for Israel’s destruction are moving swiftly toward completion.

Step One: Since Obama took office, the number of Iranian centrifuges spinning to make enriched uranium has nearly tripled.  The amount of U235/96.2% U238 actual production skyrocketed exponentially from 500 KG to ten times that amount, roughly 5000 KG.

Step Two: Iran does all of its uranium enrichment east of the Zagros Mountains, and so Obama supposedly was threatening those sites with the F-22’s stationed at the Persian Gulf airbases. But Obama was cunning; the F22’s have an oxygen system that is severely affected by the altitude of the Zagros Mountains, and so those planes are limited in their ability to do any real damage.

Step Three: Obama’s has armed Iraq with 36 new US F-16I Block 52 interceptor combat aircraft. Because Obama retreated in Iraq, President al Maliki, a Shiite sympathetic to Iran, now rules Iraq. Obama has even expedited delivering 18 F16IQs to Iraq at the start of 2013. And here’s the kicker: a WikiLeak document claimed that “Iran has assassinated 180 Iraqi pilots.” This paves the way for al-Maliki to form a fully Shiite Iranian Air force tacitly loyal to Shiite Iran.

A possible Step Four: It is possible, with Obama’s Israel animus, for him to order USCENTCOM to deliver real-time satellite intelligence mid-air course intercepts of Israeli planes to the Iraqi Air Force, now flush with F16s, which would render the Israelis sitting ducks.

When Benjamin Netanyahu, who has been repeatedly snubbed by the man whose real sympathies still lie hidden in the infamous Rashid Khalidi tape in the Los Angeles Times vault, acts if he doesn’t trust Obama with the survival of the State of Israel, he is absolutely correct. There is plenty of evidence of Obama’s complicity in Israel’s eventual destruction. And if Obama is reelected, the hopes of the people of Israel will be crushed by his hatred.


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