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State Department Pulling More Staff from Liyba Embassy

State Department Pulling More Staff from Liyba Embassy

On September 27 the State Dept. announced it is temporarily withdrawing more staff from its embassy in Tripoli, Libya.

State Dept. officials say they hope staff members can return to the embassy early next week but admit the situation will first have to be reassessed. This is certainly not the kind of news the administration wants as a growing, bipartisan chorus of lawmakers already believe the situation in Benghazi was far worse than the Obama administration is willing to admit.

And this comes on top of the fact that as of Sept. 27, not a single FBI agent had yet to investigate the consulate in Benghazi “because of security concerns.”

On Friday, Rush Limbaugh shared his belief that the FBI are not being kept away because of security concerns per se but because no one in the Obama administration wants them to get to the bottom of this investigation. 


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