Hamas PM: Investigate Israeli 'Occupation'

Hamas PM: Investigate Israeli 'Occupation'

Hamas’ Prime Minister in Gaza Ismail Haniyeh claims Israel is the greatest terrorist state in the world, and it should be investigated for “crimes” of occupation. 

While meeting with a delegation of Europeans Sunday, Haniyeh also told his audience that Hamas is not a terrorist group and should be taken “off lists of designated terror organizations.”

He expressed thanks for the “international efforts” that he says contributed to the recent cease fire between Israel and Hamas. Yet he made sure to point out that the biggest issue was not the need for help in formulating a ceasefire but help “with the occupation.”

Haniyeh said that Palestine extends “from the sea to the river, from the north to the south of the land,” and that it would “not be divided with anyone.”

When the U.N. voted to give de facto statehood to Palestine, former U.S. Ambassador John Bolton was quick to point out this would provide leverage for Palestinians to launch “lawfare” against Israel.