Israel Building 300 New Homes in Samaria

Israel Building 300 New Homes in Samaria

Israel’s civil administration has okayed a plan to build 296 new homes in the city of Beit-El. This comes as a result of 30 families being told to vacate their homes in the Ulpana section of Beit-El by the Israeli Supreme Court, and the government promising the evictees that new homes would be built.

Sabri Saidam, an adviser to Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas said, “It shows that Israel does not care about the international community or President Obama’s visit and the message that settlements are destructive to peace efforts. Israel is determined to kill the geography on which any Palestinian state can come into being.”

Peace efforts? What did Jibril Rajoub, the Deputy Secretary of the Fatah Central Committee and Chairman of the PA Olympic Committee say? “I swear that if we had a nuke, we’d have used it this very morning.” And Abu Al-Einein, a former minister of PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, saluting the terrorist who knifed a Jewish man to death: “We salute the heroic fighter, the self-sacrificing Salam Al-Zaghal.” And another PA official, agreeing, “He insisted on defending his honor, so he went against the settler and killed him. Blessings to the breast that nursed Salam Al-Zaghal.”

“Peace efforts” with those who live for the slaughter of Jews. How ironic.