Kerry: France 'on Notice' About Iran Sanctions Violations

Kerry: France 'on Notice' About Iran Sanctions Violations

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry told CNN’s Jake Tapper that France had been placed “on notice” for its violations of sanctions against Iran, according to an interview to be broadcast Wednesday on The Lead with Jake Tapper. Kerry said: “So while the French may send some businesspeople over there, they’re not able to contravene the sanctions. They will be sanctioned if they do and they know it. And we’ve put them on notice.”

Kerry was asked about the eagerness of French investors, among others, to invest in Iran once sanctions had been partially lifted under the six-month interim nuclear deal that went into effect Jan. 20. The agreement has been criticized for reviving the Iranian economy while providing no guarantees that Iran would not build a nuclear weapon, and preserving Iran’s uranium enrichment capacity for a possible future nuclear “breakout.”

“Have we been played?” Tapper asked.

“Not in the least,” Kerry answered. He then went on to indicate that France had been warned.


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