Ebola Death Count Surpasses 1,200

Ebola Death Count Surpasses 1,200

Ebola killed 84 in the first three days of this week, the World Health Organization (WHO), the UN’s health body, said Tuesday. The total number of confirmed deaths due to the Ebola virus has now risen to 1,229, according to WHO.

Of the 84 new deaths, 52 came from Liberia, along with 48 new documented cases. In Sierra Leone, reports stated that 38 new cases and 17 deaths occurred. Guinea, where the strain of the new Ebola virus is believed to have originated, reported 24 additional cases and 14 new deaths. Nigeria, Africa’s largest nation in terms of population, saw three new infected victims but no new deaths.

Over the weekend, a quarantined area was overrun by a mob that released dozens of infected patients into the public. Police said the robbers stole infected items such as sheets and mattresses, which could easily transmit the virus.

Three Liberian health workers are now being treated with the experimental drug Zmapp, which has been given two the two Americans under supervision at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia: “The medical professionals have informed the Liberian information ministry their progress is remarkable.” The patients are showing “very positive signs of recovery,” said a ministry statement.