Cruz: Americans Fighting With Islamic Terrorists Have Renounced Their Citizenship

Abu Muhammad al Amriki - YouTube Screenshot
Abu Muhammad al Amriki - YouTube Screenshot

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) has introduced legislation to block re-entry into the United States by any citizen who has fought alongside Islamic Terrorists in foreign countries. He also introduced a bill to help American military members who are engaged in the West African Ebola fight.

“We must take bold action to protect our homeland by declaring that Americans who have traveled abroad to fight with radical Islamic terrorists have renounced their citizenship,” Senator Cruz said in a press release obtained by Breitbart Texas, “and we must preempt any of their efforts to re-enter the country and launch further attacks on Americans.”

The bill, entitled as the Expatriate Terrorist Act (ETA) S. 247 and attached below, was introduced by Sen. Cruz and was co-sponsored by Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA). Representative Steve King (R-IA) introduced a companion bill in the U.S. House of Representatives. A second bill, entitled the Operation United Assistance Tax Exclusion Act (OUATEA) S. 249 and also attached below, was also co-sponsored by Sen. Grassley.

“I believe these American terrorists have voluntarily renounced their citizenship upon taking an oath to a foreign terrorist organization (FTO),” said Rep. King. “That is why Sen. Cruz and I have introduced the Expatriate Terrorist Act. ETA will fill in these statutory holes that harbor the rights of American terrorists by providing the Secretary of State the legal authority to revoke a terrorist’s passport. ETA will also make it clear that if a national of the U.S., by birth or naturalization, chooses to take an oath or pledge allegiance to a designated foreign terrorist organization; that individual has affirmatively renounced American citizenship.”

The video below tells the story of Abu Muhammad al Amriki (‘the American’), an American allegedly fighting alongside ISIS:

“Such individuals who engage in hostilities or commit acts of terror against the United States are demonstrating they no longer uphold their pledge to the United States,” King explained. “Therefore, if a U.S. citizen were to join an FTO, and bomb a school in Israel (after pledging their allegiance to Hamas) they would be eligible to lose their U.S. citizenship, and subsequently have their passport revoked.”

“America continues to suffer the consequences of the failed Obama-Clinton-Kerry foreign policy,” said Sen. Cruz. “From Syria to Iraq to Yemen, it is clear that when America withdraws from the world, the world becomes a more dangerous place.”

The OUATEA bill will support the members of the U.S. military who are risking their lives by helping to fight the spread of the Ebola virus in West Africa. The bill provides the same “combat zone” tax benefit to these military members as any other military member would receive who is serving in an Executive Order-designated combat zone. The benefit will only apply to those members required to go through a 21-day quarantine upon their review.

“While we take steps to protect Americans at home, we must never forget that once our Armed Forces are deployed in harm’s way,” Cruz stated, “Congress and the Commander-in-Chief have a responsibility to support them and their families who remain behind. That’s why I am also reintroducing the Operation United Assistance Tax Exclusion Act, to give our troops the appropriate recognition for their service in the fight against Ebola.”

Breitbart Texas has previously reported on the 21-day controlled monitoring camp that is set up at Fort Hood and other military installations around the country. “While here, Soldiers will conduct resiliency and readiness training, building their warrior skills for their potential next deployment,” said Lt. Col. Carter Price, 2nd Battalion, 5th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division, commander in charge of cadre operations for the Fort Hood Controlled Monitoring Area Site.

20150123 Expatriate Terrorist Act of 2015

20150123 Operation United Assistance Tax Exclusion Act

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