To Negotiate with Iran, Understand the Threat

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The Associated Press

The March 2015 article by Jeremy Smith “Mystery Killers” correctly identified a major obstacle in improving public health globally—a lack of information. Specifically, of 50 million recorded deaths last year around the globe, few provided the cause. Oftentimes “garbage codes” were used—i.e., overly broad terms, such as “brain trauma,” having numerous causes. Thus, Smith opined, “How can we save lives if we don’t understand what threatens them?”

This same question needs to be asked as a nuclear deal with Iran fast approaches.

To be able to negotiate a treaty with Iran demands we must first understand the threat. Although we do not yet know the terms of the agreement, to focus on anything short of this is time wasted on garbage code talk.

Most importantly, understanding that threat requires knowing the mullahs’ intentions.

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Lt. Colonel James G. Zumwalt, USMC (Ret.) is also a contributor to Breitbart News. Read his columns here.