Mark Levin on Iran Deal: Obama Legacy Will Be War

Barack Obama

Conservative talk radio host Mark Levin predicted that President Barack Obama’s lasting legacy will be war with Iran.

Speaking at the Values Voters Summit on Saturday, Levin accused the Obama administration of planting the “seeds of war” with the Iran nuclear deal, which Levin said was a “joke” and a ‘”sham” because it will enable Tehran to not only acquire nuclear weapons but develop their ICBM technology to allow them to “put nuclear warheads on missiles and hit our continent.”

Levin said Obama and Congress, by surrendering its treaty power, have “sown the seeds of war.”

He said he doesn’t want war but believes “it’s unavoidable.” And though the Iran deal may be Obama’s legacy, Levin said “in the end his legacy is war.”

“I think it’s going to take a very strong president to undue what this president and this Congress has done to the United States of America and our allies,” Levin said.


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