Iran’s Terror Mastermind Soleimani Vows to ‘Topple’ Bahrain Regime over Shiite Cleric

Sipa via AP Images
Sipa via AP Images

Iran’s terrorist mastermind Qassem Soleimani, head of the Revolutionary Guard’s “Quds Force” dirty-tricks squad, vowed that Bahrain’s “bloodthirsty regime” would be “toppled” over its decision to strip the Sunni Muslim country’s top Shiite cleric of his citizenship.

“The Al Khalifa (rulers of Bahrain) surely know their aggression against Sheikh Isa Qassim is a red line that crossing it would set Bahrain and the whole region on fire, and it would leave no choice for people but to resort to armed resistance. Al Khalifa will definitely pay the price for that and their bloodthirsty regime will be toppled,” thundered Soleimani, in a statement to Iran’s Fars news agency transcribed by Reuters.

Soleimani predicted “a bloody intifada with consequences whose responsibility will fall on those who legitimize the arrogance of the Bahraini rulers,” according to CNN.

The Iranian commander also criticized the United States, whose Fifth Fleet is based out of Bahrain, and United Nations for indulging the Bahrani regime’s crackdown on dissent.

Sheik Qassim, seen as the spiritual leader of Bahrain’s Shiites, allegedly abused his position to “serve foreign interests and promote sectarianism and violence,” according to Bahrain’s interior ministry. He was accused of trying to implement “theocracy,” and of allying with “organizations and parties that are enemies of the kingdom.”

The unrest promised by Soleimani is already building. CNN reports that Qassim supporters “have been staging a sit-in outside his home, and there were sporadic clashes between supporters and authorities Monday night in some villages.”

Bahrani National Guard units have been deployed, and the Interior Ministry has promised legal action against “calls inciting security disturbances.”

CNN quotes another Fars report that relayed predictions of violent unrest from Lebanon’s Shiite terrorist group, Hezbollah. Hezbollah said the revocation of Qassim’s citizenship, and the outlawing of Shiite opposition party al-Wefaq, will push the Bahrani people to “difficult choices which will have severe consequences for this corrupt dictatorial regime.”


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