Islamic State Magazine: America Full of ‘Marijuana, Bestiality, Feminism, and Other Evils’


After releasing an edition dedicated to condemning the Muslim Brotherhood as a “cancer” on “true” Islam, the Islamic State English-language magazine Dabiq has turned its eyes on Western Christianity, condemning Western women for falling into the traps of “marijuana,” “bestiality,” and “feminism.”

The fifteenth edition of the magazine, titled “Break the Cross,” portrays modern Christianity as a pagan religion, with multiple articles condemning the worship of Jesus and denying that He was ever crucified. Instead, the magazine portrays Jesus as an Islamic prophet and identifies him as a “slave to Allah.”

Not all the magazine’s articles discuss the theology of Islam, however. One article, titled “The Fitrah [human nature] of Mankind and the Near-Extinction of the Western Woman,” attempts, instead, to recruit American women, and Western women generally, into Islam by claiming that Western freedom denies women their human nature, which is to be slaves to men and dedicated to motherhood. Liberalized Western women are taught such dangerous ideas, the article argues, as “Woman need not be a mother, a wife, or a maiden, but rather, she should work like man, rule like man, and have intercourse like an animal, without being conscious of her Lord watching both her and her heinous partner in crime.”

As America and the greater West “began legalizing marijuana, bestiality, transgenderism, sodomy, pornography, feminism, and other evils,” those lands became a danger to women, who were free to choose their own destinies against the wishes of Allah (as disclosed in the elusive “fitrah,” an allegedly undeniable “human nature” that instructs women to serve their masters – Muslim men).

In addition to worship of Allah, “the fitrah is also the attraction of man to woman and of woman to man, while submitting this attraction to the laws of marriage, divorce, and slavery dictated by Allah,” the article argues.

The article laments that “more and more women abandon motherhood, wifehood, chastity, femininity, and heterosexuality,” and calls for womanhood to “liberate herself from her enslavement to hedonistic addictions and heathenish doctrines” of the West by submitting to Sharia law.

Dabiq’s call to Western women meanders significantly from the original point, condemning everything from Sigmund Freud (“one of the engineers of Western decadence”) to, repeatedly, marijuana, and the Holy Trinity. Catholic Christian traditions receive particular scorn from the article on fitrah. Given that Spanish Catholics were responsible for eradicating Islam from Europe – and the Islamic State has made clear its desire to relitigate the Crusades – the enmity is natural. In an attempt to sound reasonable, however, the author of the fitrah article implores Western women to be more like Mary:

They claim that Jesus’ mother is the “Mother of God,” while portraying her in a humble manner, both in her demeanor and garments. However, they encourage the Western woman to be everything opposite to Mary. The Western woman is encouraged to compete with men in the workplace, to display of her body what no man ever displays, and to be more promiscuous than any prostitute has ever been. There is no resemblance in the Western woman to what is found in Mary, just as there is no resemblance in the Western man to what is found in Jesus the Messiah of humility, religiosity, and chastity.

They then condemn Catholics for their worship of Mary, calling it a form of “paganism.”

Elsewhere in the magazine, the Islamic State features former Christians calling the Western understanding of their religion “confused,” as well as repeated claims of Jesus as an Islamic figure.


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