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Turkey-Backed Syrian Rebels Lose 15 in Battles with Islamic State

Fighting in northern Syria between Turkey-backed Syrian rebels and ISIS militants killed at least 15 rebels as the opposition pressed toward a town of symbolic importance for the extremists, an activist group and Turkish officials said Monday.

Smoke billows following the detonation of explosives placed by Syrian government forces inside a tunnel that was reportedly used by rebels in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo on May 19, 2015. AFP PHOTO / GEORGE OURFALIAN (Photo credit should read GEORGE OURFALIAN/AFP/Getty Images)

Islamic State: ‘Why We Hate You and Why We Fight You’

In the most recent issue of their online magazine Dabiq, the Islamic State issued precise marching orders to Muslims throughout the world, urging them to take up jihadist terror according to a model of simplicity and effectiveness.


American Islamic State Jihadi: Terrorism Shows Love for Allah

A person who claims to be a Christian that converted to Islam and swore fealty to the Islamic State wrote a column titled “Words of Sincere Advice” for the latest issue of the Islamic State’s nauseating Dabiq online magazine.

Kashmir Muslim protesters hold a flag of Islamic State as they shout anti-India slogans during a protest in Srinagar, Indian controlled Kashmir, Friday, April 8, 2016. Police fired teargas and pellet guns to disperse Kashmiris who gathered after Friday afternoon prayers to protest against Indian control over a part of …

Islamic State Magazine Showcases Caribbean Jihadis Thwarting Local Police

The latest issue of the Islamic State (ISIS) magazine, Dabiq, features two stories on jihadis based in the Caribbean – one an interview, one an obituary – encouraging Caribbean islanders to abandon Christianity and join the jihad. In both stories, the jihadis in question boast of having been arrested, investigated, and ultimately released.


Islamic State to Liberal Politicians: Jihad Is Not ‘Senseless Violence’

In the latest issue of its online magazine, Dabiq, the Islamic State (ISIS) takes umbrage at Western politicians like President Barack Obama, who like to describe ISIS’ violence as “senseless.” On the contrary, ISIS argues, there is a relentless logic and religious justification to these atrocities, but Western leaders and media are afraid to discuss it.


Dabiq: Islamic State Praises Bangladesh Suicide Bomber

The latest issue of Islamic State magazine Dabiq features two pieces calling for more jihadists activities in Bangladesh, where a string of lynching of secular bloggers indicate popular support for Sharia law may be increasing.


In Highlighting Afghanistan, Islamic State Mag Targets ‘Atheist Chinese’

In explaining the importance of Afghanistan to the Islamic State in an interview, the terrorist organization’s official English-language magazine, Dabiq, note the presence of “atheist Chinese” near Afghan borders as a threat to their international jihad. The group has recently increased its efforts to call the attention of the Chinese government toward them.

Islamic State fighters

Dabiq: Islamic State Advises Jihadi Widows Not to ‘Beautify’

The Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL)’s latest issue of Dabiq does not disregard its female readers, publishing a piece with advice for widows of jihadists. Various female jihadists write the article for the section “To Our Sisters.” The author of this issue provides the article with a more tame voice than previous issues.


‘Dabiq’: Islamic State Praises San Bernardino Terrorists

The 13th issue of the Islamic State’s propaganda magazine, Dabiq, pays homage to Syed Rizwan Farook and his Pakistani-born accomplice wife Tashfeen Malik, the radical Islamic terrorist couple who together carried out the San Bernardino shooting massacre this past December.


Islamic State Pays Homage To Dead Jihadi John In Latest Propaganda Mag

Islamic State has confirmed the death of notorious British terrorist known as “Jihadi John” in the latest issue of the organisation’s magazine Dabiq. The Islamic State names “Jihadi John’ as Abu Muharib Al-Muhajir and describes him as originally from the Arabian peninsula

beheading british muslims